Unoffice Hours

Unoffice Hours

I’ve opened up Wednesday afternoons for calls about, well, whatever.

Calls can be:

  • A general catch-up

  • Discussing optimization, ethical eCommerce, privacy, a podcast episode

  • Running an agency or podcast

  • Ways we could work together

Or whatever else. If you want to have a chat or discuss something, just book a slot.

What are Unoffice Hours?

Matt Webb created Unoffice Hours as a twist on office hours in September 2020. It’s a way of opening up your calendar to talk to people about…well, anything really.

I picked it up from Dave Smyth after I had a call with him.

It's a more honest form of networking. Sitting down and getting to know each other, talking about plans and ideas, and exchanging knowledge.


There are other people offering Unoffice Hours:

If you run your own Unoffice Hours, you could join the webring.