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Grow your business sustainably with a testing strategy that puts your customers first. We help you get unstuck, fix conversion leaks and see huge long-term growth.

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  • As your market evolves, so should your marketing strategies

    To push your performance from good to great, you need to be smarter about how you acquire and retain customers. Skip the learning curve with our hands-on optimization program. We help you make strategic improvements that grow your business, and the value of every customer.

  • You’ve got the traffic and conversions, now you need an approach that brings reliable results

    What if you could know exactly what your customers need and how to deliver it? No magic required. When done right, optimization is more than data and sales. We help you build meaningful experiences that put their needs and privacy first and are guaranteed* to deliver results.

    *OK... we don’t make guarantees, but we haven’t failed to deliver yet.

Optimize your customer journey and take your business to new heights

  • Improve customer experience

    Increase lifetime value by creating a truly customer-driven buying experience that keeps everyone happy.

  • Uncover revenue opportunities

    Improve your offers and personalize your user journey, even post-sale. Make impactful changes that help you scale.

  • Fix conversion leaks

    From lowering your ad spend, to increasing sales. Patch the holes in your marketing that are leaking money.

  • Understand buyer behavior

    Know why your customers buy. Be confident in your data across channels, so you know what tests to run, when and how.

Raze helps us make more money.

Since working with Raze, we've increased our leads per month, which translates to additional revenue per month.

Minas Iatrou

OPUK Group

Forget the vanity metrics. Want more revenue?

Silly question. Of course you do. And we help you make more of it — in an ethical way. By running strategic and tactical experiments, we improve your positioning and make it easier for your customers to buy. So you can put more money in your pocket and scale your business responsibly.

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  • Enhance

    Beyond Measurement

    You've done it. Your data is finally out of the weeds and it's time to optimize your customer experience.

  • Research

    Step One

    We dig deep....surveys, interviews, emails, data. We figure it all out and get an understanding as to what all that data is telling us. We find the problems.

  • Hypothesis

    Step Two

    Problems found. Now it's time to lay out the ideas and how we assume this will help us increase your customer experience.

  • Design

    Step Three

    Off to the solution design team. They've got the brief with with all that research along with our hypothesis and ideas. Time to come up with some designs to show you.

  • Testing & Validation

    Step Four

    The fun part. We get to test it all out. We develop, QA, and test the experiment. A/B testing. It's like running a science experiment but better.

  • Analysis & Learning

    Step Five

    Do we have a winner? What can we learn from our experiment?
    Time to dig into those results and report back on what worked, what didn't, and where we go next from here.

  • Research...feel familiar?

    Step One
Raze work with Mailchimp, Shopify, Convert, Meta, Google and more.

The trusted go-to optimizers for high-growth ecommerce and SaaS

We’re not for everyone. And that’s fine with us.

  • This is for you if...

    • You generate 500K+ in monthly revenue and/or 300+ conversions per month

    • You’re spending a bunch of money on advertising but you’re not seeing results. Or you’re unsure what worked, and why?

    • You’re looking for a more holistic approach to optimization and long-term growth that includes your CLV, AOV, retention and user experience goals

  • This is not for you if...

    • You’re not willing to invest the time it takes to get results (Our program requires a 4 month commitment. The average cycle is 9-12 months)

    • Your data infrastructure is a hot mess (try our measurement programe first)

    • You’re uncomfortable having your views and assumptions challenged

    We love working with conscious and ethical companies who are (or want to be) a force for good.

The smallest decisions can have the biggest impact on growth. We help you make the right ones.

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  • Become the experts

    Get a small-but-mighty team of expert strategists and developers in your corner. Keeping you informed of every test, hypothesis and growth strategy. When you’re ready, we’ll even help train your team so you can bring that expertise in-house. No secrets. No silos. We want you to get so good, you fire us.

  • Here’s what most optimization agencies won’t tell you

    There’s more than one way to achieve on-site growth.

    And maybe your website isn’t the problem. If your buyer experience is broken, then no amount of “CRO” will fix it. Instead, you need to understand the full picture.

    Ads, sales, retention, customer experience. All of it. That’s what we help you do.

I don’t want my competitors to know how well I’m doing since working with you. You’re my secret weapon!

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Don’t tell him we told you

  • I didn’t even know what I needed but Raze helped me through it. Very professional and do brilliant work.

    Dr Buck

    Dr Buck

  • Siobhan is a CRO rockstar. She really knows her stuff.

    Jonathan Ruggiero

    Manly Bands

  • Raze helps us make more money.

    Minas Iatrou

    OPUK Group

  • They have achieved great results on our ecommerce site. 5 stars all the way!

    Sammy R

    The Pearl Source

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